Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back on the ice today! Yay!

We spent a wonderful and relaxing day in Colorado Springs yesterday. We woke up and went for a run in shorts and singlets. The weather was so beautiful; it was great to get out and do some fitness. Everyone felt surprisingly well for the high altitude. After grocery shopping and eating some much needed lunch, we rested and waited around until Briar returned from the doctor. So just to update everyone: Last week in MN, Briar's knee was hurting her and eventually it swelled up and she couldn't walk on it without severe pain. Eventually she went to the doctor in TRF and had an x-ray but was told she would need an MRI. Yesterday she went to visit a doctor and got an MRI. Much to Briar and the team's relief, she was told that nothing was pulled or torn in her knee but because of the trauma to the knee, fluid built up around the knee cap which made it difficult and painful for her bend and walk. She will be receiving intense physical therapy everyday until the competition, and the doctors believe she will be just fine to compete. Fingers crossed for Briar to heal! After only 2 days off the ice, we are excited to get back on the ice tonight for training at the World Arena.

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