Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Kimbo!

Today is Kimbo's 24th birthday! We celebrated with a wonderful training session this morning, a run in the really fierce wind with gusts up to 76km/hr, and then some singing and chocolate cake. We've been really really busy with training, fitness and some sightseeing. Yesterday morning we woke up for an early cog train ride up Pikes Peak. We were only able to go up to 11,000 ft because of the wind gusts and blowing snow, but it was still an absolutely amazing sight. We then drove through Garden of the Gods and saw the beautiful red rock formations. We had a wonderful training session last night and finally were able to show Paul all the improvements we made while in MN. And the improvements continued into this morning with another great session. Now we are off to Castle Rock outlets for shopping and then to a Denver Nuggets basketball game to help celebrate Kimbo's birthday. 6 days until Worlds!

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  1. Happy Easter to all.

    Hope you are all having a lot of fun, while training hard...