Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 4 - Tallinn, Estonia

To start off with, we had a great session this morning!!! Even though it was early and extremely cold, we managed to pull off some good run-throughs, watched enviously by a small crowd of Estonian figure skaters from the side. Since the rink was like a freezer, it was extremely hard for our muscles to warm up but on the bright side, we're slowly acclimatising and so by the time we arrive to Finland we will be used to training in the extremely cold conditions. It really helped that there was the lovely mid-hot-choc break in the middle to warm up our nicely chilled bodies. After training, we layered up and Andrew led us in a very fun scenic run around a park with a frozen lake down to a gorgeous monument featuring a lovely angel; it was a very beautiful sight. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to admire the statue as we had to keep moving to keep from freezing to death. We also improved our agility by dodging and running on ice. We then had a lovely nice and long rest which gave us plenty of time to get ready for a team dinner and team bonding sesh in an italian restaurant within Old Town. The language barrier didn't stop us from having a fantastic meal, we also received from Maxi sized pepsi instead of what we thought we ordered which was pepsi max. After a video analysis session, most of the team leapt to bed, readying ourselves up for the early (and chilly) morning ahead.

Written by Jade.

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