Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 5 - Tallinn, Estonia

What a day! Early morning training as usual; we worked on the long, specifically the lifts. Huge improvements with everyone, which was great. Nice work, Blaise, for the "Great job" award! We came back, most of us pretty tired. Spent most of the day resting, doing homework, or just chilling. Can't forget our super sneaky sandwiches from breakfast :) At 6pm, we had video analysis, and tore apart the short program, discussing what we need to work on and improve. The box intersection is improving, which is really good! We need to work on a few things but with the effort we are all putting in, we can easily achieve these things!!! Next came the late night training. We arrived at the ice rink and warmed up with a game of musical modest body movement statues and the Nutbush dance. We got on the ice ready for a warm up then short program. We all trained hard and worked on the spirals, ina bauers, pyramid and pivot block. After training hard, we got on the bus and it seems that not only are we improving on our skating, we are improving on our skills of counting to 19. We arrived back at the hotel, ready for soup and a bread roll before we get ready for sleep for another day of training :D Emily Thomson :)

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