Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dumfries Training Camp Day 3

So today was our 3rd day in Scotland and the temp was around 7 degress. In the morning Kristina Fritz took us on a really really really long run....we died lol. Then after we got back to the manor we changed out of our running clothes and got ready to go play put put :) when we got there we relised the place was made for 4 year olds... But as we are all 4 year olds at heart we decided to stay and put put anyway. We divided ourselves into teams according to age and it turned out that we had loads of fun. After a fun day of put put we all headed back to the manor to watch our long program video and then of to training. Training was long and hard but in the end worth every bit of sweat and pain. I personally am having the best time in the world with you guys and hope this trip never ends xoxoxoxo Courtney

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