Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dumfries Day 4

Scotland – Day four (April fools!) Free morning this morning! The sun was shining (a rare occurrence!) and some of the team ventured into the city centre. Everything was so much cheaper than Australia; the one pound store was a dream and they weren't kidding when said a large latte!! After grabbing a quick subway lunch, we returned to the B&B for video analysis followed by a trek to the rink. Despite being extremely sore from yesterday's gruelling fitness session, we managed to push through the pain and pull out an amazing training session :) After dark we conducted a team meeting in room 7 to plot the traditional FOI April fools prank. We decided to completely vacate the house in hope of the coaches freaking out and sending out a search party. At 8pm, the team rugged up warm and snuck out the window of room 7 to hide just up the road. After waiting for what seemed like forever we sent our youngest skater, Courtney, back to the house to trigger a reaction. However, this did not quite work out the way we planned, so after taking many photos trying to pass the time, we assembled ourselves outside the house and sung the national anthem at the top of our lungs to get their attention. Our plan back fired as they were one step ahead of us; they had locked us outside!! When we finally were let back inside, we trooped back to our rooms and settled down until someone noticed one of their skates was missing. Before too long it was discovered that everybody had one skate was missing!!! They got us back good! After the boots were recovered from under Jo's bed, we collapsed on our beds to rest our bodies for the coming adventures of tomorrow. Love from Scotland, Jade and Blaise

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