Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 2 - Tallinn, Estonia

First of all, a huge happy birthday to Jenna as she celebrated her 20th birthday with us here on a gorgeous day in Tallinn. After only semi recovering from our massive journey here, Kristina, Jo and the parents put together a mini Amazing Race style scavenger hunt for us. The parents all joined in at the checkpoints handing out our clues and tokens as we ran around the Old Town in Tallinn in the -5 temperatures but still managed to work up a sweat. There were a few tricky questions in there and a few controversies as some teams managed to skip clues and still somehow end up in the right place. The course showed of the old town's amazing landmarks including the Viru gates, St. Catherine's Passage, and a Disney inspired clue of 'Tangled with the King and Queen' lead us to a 15th Century castle tower before our final destination of an outdoor ice rink!!! We don't really know who won...but as I'm telling the story, we technically got to the rink first, TEAM BLACK BOOTS wins (Flea, Sammi, and Rachael). For only 3.30 euros we skated for an hour with rental hockey skates which saw a lot of us ending up sitting on the ice, which turned into lying on the ice as it had been snowing so it was perfect conditions for snow angels. :) After lunch and a quick nap, we migrated to the hallway for an afternoon fitness session lead by Andrew (Kristina's baby daddy :) ), because there's no gym here at the hotel, we did a massive range of exercises taking over the 8th floor. We had a sneak peak at the rink today on a video taken by Kristina. It's in an old warehouse and is the same temperature inside as it is outside. We just finished dinner and are all looking forward to a good nights rest before our first training session in the morning.

Written by Rachael Reading.

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