Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 1 - Tallinn, Estonia

19 pairs of skates, 57 skating dresses, millions of crystals and 19 skaters arrived in Tallinn, Estonia, after 3 airplanes and 20+ hours in the air. Although it was a long long trip from Sydney, one of the great refliefs early on in the day was to get off the small 2-engine prop plane in Tallinn safely at 8:00am. We were greeted with -2 C weather and lots of snow on the ground. The ride to the hotel was short (another great relief) and we all were able to check into our hotel rooms super early (another great great relief!). Lunch, walking around the shops, exploring Old Town, enjoying the freezing cold weather, watching the snow fall, and then an early dinner made up the remainder of day #1 in Tallinn.

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